Zen Kubernetes

Practical Kubernetes course for Non-DevOps Professionals.

Launching this Spring!

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A hands on, practical introto working with Kubernetes -applied and useful knowledge.

Hi, My name is Gunnar. 👋

A few years ago, 2017 when Kubernetes was brand spanking new, I knew absolutely nothing about it.

However, most of my company's systems were running on it.

One day, one of my coworkers gave us engineers a hands on session, demonstrating the basics of Kubernetes and how to use it for deploying applications.

It was enough to give me an idea how things work and I could start piecing together more and of how our system operated and more importantly a foundation.

Today, 6 years later, I have worked on five other projects leveraging Kubernetes. In some cases interacting with k8s and for two of them I even bootstrapped two Kubernetes clusters they run on from scratch.

And it all started with this introduction session I had so many years ago.

I want to give you the same introduction and onboarding I got and a bit more.

I want to empower you with enough practical knowledge about Kubernetes so that you can have mechanical sympathy towards the systems you are building on and leave you with a solid foundation for the future.


What is Kubernetes and why should you care?

Useful tools for working with Kubernetes.

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster locally.

The main pillars of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes workload types.

Deploying applications.

Scaling and Load Balancing.

Rolling Updates and Rollbacks.

Updating Kubernetes applications.

Internal Networking

External networking

And more



One time payment

- 15+ hands on lessons

- Video and text modules

- Regular course updates

Refunds will not be issued.